Wellington Schools

As part of the Wellington family of schools, Eagle House is nestled on the boundary with Wellington’s grounds and the interaction between the schools is stimulating, creative and fun. Providing pupils from both schools with unique opportunities to learn from one another.

Wellington College affords Eagle House pupils with a wonderful opportunity as we are able to share in the excellent resources that the College has to offer. The increasing link between the two schools has opened up a range of new opportunities for interaction between pupils and staff which is developing the richness and breadth of education for our pupils.

Departments and teachers at both schools regularly liaise and pupils have the opportunity to share in certain lessons and take part in lectures and displays.  Science, Language, Technology and Music days as well as Library visits, leadership opportunities and pupil to pupil mentoring all benefit Eagle House pupils. Using the facilities such as the astroturfs, golf course, squash and real tennis courts, climbing wall and many other superb resources allow us to add to the wonderful facilities on offer at Eagle House.

The relationship between the two schools is benefiting every Eagle House pupil regardless of whether or not they go on to Wellington as their senior school option.


Wellington College

Wellington College is a school like no other. Where many focus on examination results and view league table position as the main criterion for success, the whole ethos of Wellington is focused on each and every individual who passes through our gates.

If education, in the truest sense of the word, is about bringing the best out of children, then delivering a raft of A and A* grades is not enough, undoubtedly important though examination results are. We aim to inspire and support our pupils so they can become the very best they can be in every single way. By helping them become happy and fully-rounded young men and women examination grades naturally follow, as our outstanding A Level, IB and GCSE results clearly prove.

Our educational philosophy is therefore focused around the traits which we want all Wellingtonians to acquire before taking their place in the adult world.

We want our pupils to be inspired by everything they do at Wellington, both inside and outside of the classroom, so they leave school as interested and interesting people.

We want our pupils to adopt a genuinely intellectual approach to their academic work and to their view of the world around them, in the knowledge that a Wellington education is only the beginning of an exciting and life-long journey of learning.

We want our pupils to become truly independent, as those who can think, learn and cope independently will be the leaders and game-changers of the future.

We want each and every pupil to be valued and developed as an individual, so their Wellington experience is much more than just going to school – rather, it is the journey to self.

And we want our pupils to be inclusive in all dealings with other people, so they leave the College not in a bubble of privilege and elitism, but with the ability to engage with their local, national and international communities, and with a burning desire to do good in the world.

Wellington College is renowned for being an outward-facing school with a strong international perspective and a deep desire to engage proactively and meaningfully with the state sector. One key way in which these three characteristics have manifested themselves over the past decade is through the growing family of schools opened both in the UK and around the world by the College.

The Wellington Family of Schools

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