Pastoral Care

We believe that a happy, resilient child is a child who will get the most out of the opportunities available to him or her and who will develop both academically and emotionally. At Eagle House, enabling children to be happy is a priority.

However, life does not always run smoothly. It is only through close communication between staff, pupils and parents that we can know what is truly going on in their world in order to help them weather the storms, solve their own problems, celebrate their success and unlock their true potential.

We are very proud of the pastoral care at Eagle House. We work hard to know what makes each individual tick. We understand that there is more than one way to support a child as they develop.

All staff at Eagle House have a responsibility for pastoral care. In the younger years, the Form Tutor plays a vital role and the time they spend with their forms allows them to get to know the children very well. In Years 5-8, Tutor groups are very small (9 or less) and they remain with their tutor for two years. This allows the tutor to really get to know the pupil. A weekly Pastoral Care Group meeting means problems can be identified, addressed and communicated to staff quickly and effectively. Pupils who require additional support can access our Emotional Literacy Support Assistants, School Counsellor or Play Therapist.

Our pastoral care system runs closely alongside our Learning for Life curriculum lessons. Eagle House offers an innovative, bespoke curriculum, to whole year groups together, led and supported by the Pastoral Year Heads, tutors and Deputy Head Pastoral.

Learning for Life +

The Eagle House Code


We forgive
We share
We listen
We are honest
We are kind
We are helpful
We are polite
We are brave
We treat others as we wish to be treated

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