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'I am so sincere in saying that I recognise the huge importance of this role, especially at this time, and I am very excited to apply myself wholeheartedly to serve every member of the very special Eagle House community.'



Thank you for visiting the Eagle House website and I hope that we can welcome you in person to the school soon.

Eagle House is Wellington College’s prep school, located on the South-Eastern corner of the Wellington estate.  We are predominantly a day school but also have around 70 boarding beds for flexi, weekly and bi-weekly boarders.  We aim to offer the best preparation for Wellington (with a similarly broad co-curricular experience) but every year children leave Eagle House to go to at least 20 different schools and all, we hope, will be the best pupils at those schools.  Our vision is ‘to prepare every child to flourish and succeed throughout their lives’ and an aspect of that is providing the best advice about and preparation for the right senior school for every pupil.

There are so many advantages to working seamlessly with Wellington and yet being a standalone school on a standalone site.  We are able to operate according to a coherent and modern educational ethos from Nursery through to Year 13 albeit with different age-appropriate emphases.  Eagle House pupils benefit from the use of Wellington’s facilities, we share a number of co-curricular specialist staff and our pupils will interact regularly with Wellington girls and boys.

We start off in Nursery with small year groups and throughout the Junior School we focus on building solid academic foundations with high expectations of progress.  However, we also emphasise strongly the non-academic skills and aim to ensure that every child develops these aspects of their future characters at a swift pace too.  Year group sizes grow as children get older, but class sizes remain small.  This added competition helps the children to continue their academic and character progress swiftly.  Our pupils are happy with a very real love of school, and they also demonstrate excellent levels of independence.

In Year 7 we add a new class with additional children often doing some boarding nights with us.  These children will either have a Year 9 place at Wellington, will be on the Waiting List or are joining another school in Year 9.  We believe firmly that Years 7 and 8 are critical years of education and they are the years in which children are properly ‘prepared’ for their senior schools now, both pastorally (ahead of the teenage mental health worries) and academically, setting them up to be intrinsically motivated and properly curious modern learners.

My background in the City and via academic and pastoral leadership positions at Wellington (and, not forgetting the knowledge gained from being Director of Admissions) has prepared me well for being Head of Eagle House.  My wife, Kate, also works at the school and our three boys are all products of Eagle House.  It is a genuine privilege to be helping our young people to find out who they are as people and to be playing a big part in giving them the self-confidence to enter their chosen senior schools fully prepared to flourish.

I hope you enjoy exploring this website further.  It would be a pleasure to discuss our educational philosophy with you in greater detail and so please do come to visit us soon.

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