Upper School Curriculum

The Upper School at Eagle House represents Years 5 to 8, covering ages 9 to 13

Curriculum 200 is our newly launched bespoke and progressive curriculum for Years 5 to 8. Our aim is to develop our childrens ability to learn through the explicit teaching of effective learning habits and skills. We encourage children to be inquisitive, engaged, resilient and organised learners who are well prepared for the academic challenges they will face at their senior schools. Curiosity and reflection allow children to go above and beyond the ‘typical’ school day and continuous monitoring of progress of the key learning skills shows where, and more crucially how, they can develop in these vital areas. 

Children in Years 5 – 8 are taught by subject specialists. Each department has designed their curriculum to ignite excitement and form meaningful cross-curricular links between subjects, allowing more time for exploring and mastering topics and encouraging children to develop a passion and interest in particular areas.  

In addition to the new, broader range of topics being experienced at Eagle House, children complete a range of short independent projects throughout the year. These projects enable pupils to have greater ownership of their learning and be able to develop vital learning skills needed for everyday life.  

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