How old is Eagle House?

Where is the school located?

When should I start to make an enquiry?

How do I arrange a visit?

What is the structure of the school?

What age should my child join Eagle House?

What are the benefits of joining Eagle House in Year 7?

What age do children leave?

What are the main senior schools you feed into?

What is included in the fees?

Are bursaries available?

Do you offer transport to school?

What is the relationship between Eagle House and Wellington College? 

What time does the school day begin and end?

Is there Saturday school?

How much prep will my child have?

What are the boarding options for my child?

Do you offer out of school care?

What is the ratio between boys and girls?

What are your class sizes?

Do you offer Learning Support?

Do you offer clubs and activities?

International Pupils

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