Outside Learning

At Eagle House we aim to give children the opportunity to appreciate the outdoor environment: the plants, animals, weather and the changing seasons and to learn about their impact on that environment.

The school has a wonderful woodland and we are very lucky to be able to use this natural setting to inspire us.

We have an inspiring outdoor learning space and we know that children's motivation for learning and discovering is increased in a natural outdoor setting. This also spills over into increased attention and focus within the classroom. Allowing our pupils to explore and experience the natural environment builds their independence, confidence, self-esteem, motivation and concentration as well as developing their social and physical skills.

All children are given the freedom to explore and assess risks for themselves through fun child-led activities. Children are offered exciting activities like climbing trees, using tools and lighting fires in a safe and managed manner. Toasting marshmallows over an open fire is always a particular favourite!

We encourage the children to study their natural environment, find things for themselves and make wonderful arts and crafts from the materials available. 

The Nursery also has exciting weekly Outdoor Exploring sessions where children enjoy the woods and grounds.

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