Wellington College Prep

Eagle House will change its name to Wellington College Prep with effect from September 2024. The school’s new name reflects the increasingly close relationship between the prep school and Wellington College, which has owned Eagle House since 1968.

Wellington College and its prep school share important values across many areas of school life, including curriculum development, teaching and learning, sports facilities and safeguarding, and many – though not all – Eagle House pupils go on to the College for their senior schooling. We will continue to help pupils choose the senior school best for them.

The Eagle House name will not disappear entirely. From September, the main building at Wellington College Prep will become ‘Eagle House’ and alumni from the prep school will continue to belong to the Old Eagle House Society.

“This is an exciting new chapter in the history of our school. At a difficult time for private school education generally we continue to thrive, testament to the quality of our staff and the facilities that we offer our pupils. And, thanks to the ongoing support from our senior school partner, we are able to plan for a number of impressive new initiatives that will further improve our offer. Meanwhile, the Eagle House name and all that it stands for remain very important to the culture of our school and we will preserve it in as many ways as we can.” - Ed Venables, Head of Eagle House.

Why is this change happening, and why is it happening now?

Does this mean Wellington College Prep pupils will have automatic entry into Wellington College?

Will Wellington College Prep still feed into other senior schools?

When will this be in place?

Will the uniform change?

Has Wellington College ‘bought’ Eagle House?

Will the Eagle House brand name completely disappear?

How will this affect day to day life at both schools?

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