Our Learning

Our forward-thinking approach to learning, combined with the magic of being an independent school allows us to create a bespoke curriculum. At Eagle House, children are drawn into a progressive and challenging journey of all-round education of which we are truly proud.  

Our unique learning adventure starts in our Early Years classrooms where child-led learning is at the heart of everything we do. Here, our children are encouraged to explore and question as they navigate through the Early Learning Goals, giving them the knowledge and skills that provide the right foundation for strong future progress through school and life. 

Enjoyment in learning

As they move through Years 1- 4, alongside a rich diet of English and maths, children follow a curriculum designed around the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), a cross-curricular approach. This allows them to discover and understand links between subjects through knowledge and skills-based learning and then apply this to achieve success.

Through the IPC Personal goals, children are encouraged to opt into challenges, work as a team, build confidence and become resilient learners. 

Curriculum 200 learning attitudes underpin academic excellence in Years 5 – 8, encouraging every individual child to be the best learner they can be. Children are taught by subject specialists and the syllabi are designed by individual departments drawing on the expectations of the National Curriculum at Primary and Secondary levels. There is time for exploration and mastery in academic subjects which allows the pupils to develop a passion and interest in particular areas, enthused by the staff who teach them.

Effective learning habits are taught explicitly and the children build-up a learning skills profile, which identifies the extent to which they apply the learning attitudes to their studies. The school sends a comprehensive profile of a pupil’s academic knowledge and learning skills to their chosen senior school in June of Year 8.    

Our dynamic Teaching and Learning team, passionately believe that every pupil has the right to an excellent education, tailored to support individual needs which ensure each and every child can reach their full academic potential.

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