We Love Reading

The anticipation and excitement of starting a new book is hard to beat.  Books are gateways to new worlds, new people and critically they have the ability to transform lives. 

At Eagle House we believe in growing imaginations, stimulating critical thinking and helping children to develop empathy. Reading gives children the skills they need to succeed and we are passionate that all our pupils develop a love of reading.


While it is undeniable that being able to read confidently is an essential life skill, the importance of reading just for pleasure should not be underestimated. Our beautiful and stimulating library aims to show children that there is a book for everyone.  The wealth of fiction old and new, alongside an array of incredible non-fiction books are available to all pupils and we work hard to ignite reading passion amongst the Eagle House community. 

Each day children get the chance to read and even if this is just for 10 minutes, it means that a reading culture develops along with a joy of reading that is crucial in this pressured world.

Our bi-annual Children’s Literature Festival brings leading authors together to share stories and ideas with local children and is a highlight of our reading calendar. 

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