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Learning for Life - Confidence for Life - Passion for Life

Welcome to our school. We are a lively, busy and hard working school where all our pupils are helped to achieve the best they can.

Children are central to all we do and our school is a way of life for all pupils. We unashamedly offer lots and know that busy children are happy and fulfilled children. We are in the business of teaching children to a high standard, turning them into confident and interested learners, but the Eagle House experience offers more than this. Our academic, cultural, sporting, moral and enrichment focus helps children understand and appreciate that variety is the key to becoming a rounded, responsible and confident young person.

Have a look at our ISI Inspection Report - December 2017

Learning for Life means that children benefit from an all-round education. They can feel confident in the classroom, on the games field, on stage, in the concert hall and in the community. We want our children to learn and each individual is given the chance to stretch him or herself in every area.

We are lucky to benefit from bright learning environments from classrooms to our performing arts studio, science laboratories to the Design Technology centre and the swimming pool to the Sports Hall. All these areas and more encourage Eagle House children to be adventurous and inquisitive. We benefit from the excellent facilities at Wellington College and our pupils and staff share in the innovative learning that the Wellington Group is renowned for.

It is not just facilities that mark out a school, it is the atmosphere that runs throughout the community.  At Eagle House children and adults work in a happy, stimulating and engaging environment.

We often say that Eagle House children have the time of their lives and we firmly believe this. Learning for Life at Eagle House opens the doors to all sorts of opportunities and this results in children who are highly motivated and enthusiastic in all they do.

Eagle House Prospectuses

We often say that Eagle House children have the time of their lives and we firmly believe this.

Our co-curricular Golden Eagle programme offers a wealth of activities that allow us to make the most of our wonderful environment, encouraging independence and leadership. Caring for children as they grow and learn is the most important job we do. Our dedicated and enthusiastic staff works to make sure all children are supported and happy.

Eagle House buzzes with achievement and laughter – not a bad way to learn!

Andrew Barnard - Headmaster

Sarah & Andrew Barnard

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All children are encouraged to use their creativity in what they produce in class. In all subjects a creative approach for problem solving, writing or analysing is always encouraged.


Learning is about gaining knowledge. To have a desire to learn is one of our aims. Knowledge is key to being successful and children are encouraged to pursue a healthy quest for learning. Reading and private research are vital to achieving this.


All children from Year 2 have Philosophy sessions throughout the term. We aim to teach children how to philosophise and to develop a disposition towards good thinking, to develop the ability to give clearer expression to their thoughts and ideas, to develop speaking and listening skills and enable pupils to build on each other's ideas constructively and collaboratively.

Independent Learning

A child must learn to use their learning in a way that acts as a stimulus for further study. Independent learning is crucial and through preps, projects and self assessment we encourage this in all subjects.


In education technology is the way forward for learning. At Eagle House we aim to combine technology to aid good teaching. This might be through tablet, computer, smart boards. It is important to recognise that children live their lives through technology and as a school we incorporate technology in all areas of the curriculum where it will be beneficial to a child's learning.


There are several types of assessment at Eagle House. A child will be assessed through class tests, examinations, numerical and literacy standardised testing, as well as on their effort. Parents are kept up-to-date with a child's progress throughout the term and through an end of term report.


An Eagle House child is encouraged to adopt a disciplined approach to work so that they are organised, produce the best they can and learn to keep to deadlines. With a subject teacher and tutor's care each child is helped to develop a good work ethic as well as a disciplined approach to learning.



We are passionate about creating an awesome boarding environment for all our pupils and welcome anyone who would like to join us. Boarding at Eagle House offers all pupils a wealth of opportunities. Whether it is developing independence, making long-lasting friendships or simply gaining confidence, boarding can offer something for everyone. All these experiences and many others will ensure that every boarder who stays with us is ‘Learning for Life’.


Our overriding aim is to create a supportive, family orientated House in which all children feel happy, valued, cared for and can thrive. With a fully co-educational Boarding House and boarders ranging in age from 7-13 years, they are encouraged to integrate fully with each other, as any child would in their family home.


The Boarding House at Eagle House is a lively and friendly place to be. With children of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities there is always something new to learn or new to experience further enriching the opportunities to ‘Learn for Life’.


Within the Boarding House there are many different nationalities. The Boarding House community enables all children to spend time living with people from many different areas of the country and the world. We believe that understanding cultures and differences helps make our boys and girls global citizens.


    Wellington College

    As part of the Wellington Group, Eagle House is able to share the amazing facilities at Wellington as well as develop strong links with teachers and pupils so that learning, enrichment and friendship can be enjoyed by all of the Eagle House community. Sharing and learning is also developed with the Wellington Academy, Primary Academy and globally with Wellington Tianjin and Wellington Shanghai.


    There are four sections in the Prep School that children are members of:


    • Harriers
    • Kites
    • Merlins
    • Ospreys

    Each section accumulates points academically as well as through sporting, poetry, art and music competitions. Loyalty to each section is fierce and a healthy competitive attitude ensures the termly section treat for the winners is a highlight. In the Pre-Prep Jays, Kingfishers and Robins also compete for honours in much the same way.


    Buddy System

    All children have a buddy. In Years 3 to 5 this is someone older and in Years 6 to 8 it is someone younger. Buddies are organised by section, meaning that all pupils can rely on the support of their buddy when they meet each week. Buddies are there to support and encourage friendships across the age range.

    School Council

    Each year group from Year 2 up chooses representatives to be on the school council. This is a pupil lead group that meets twice a term to talk about issues and put recommendations forward. All children have the chance to contribute.

    Tutor System

    In the Prep School every child has a tutor. This role is taken by form teachers at Pre-Prep level. Tutors are there to support and encourage as well as act as a point of contact for parents. Tutors take an interest in all aspects of their tutees lives at Eagle House.


    It is part of being in a community that we learn to become good citizens, helping and supporting each other, caring for the environment so that we can all enjoy the wonderful grounds we have. Citizenship encourages us to look beyond ourselves and help a community grow stronger.

    Community Service

    In Years 7 & 8 community service is a way of helping older boys and girls give something back to the community. It may be helping in the Pre-Prep, organising games for younger Prep children, helping out with events or just doing a job that makes life better in whatever way for someone.



    We have several dance programmes running. Ballet and modern as well as a street dance group. Dance is expanding at Eagle House. Our Performing Arts Studio is fully equipped with mirrors, dance bar and sprung floor. 


    Drama is at the heart of Eagle House. Many performances for all age groups take place. The major show is held at The Wilde Theatre in Bracknell each year. Studio productions, Christmas shows, classroom workshops, poetry readings, talent shows and even a staff pantomime are all part of the calendar at Eagle House.


    Music is at the heart of Eagle House. Many children learn instruments, play in orchestras, quartets, choirs and each day music can be heard around school.


    Around school you will always see art in its many different forms. Paintings of all types are created and clay and collage work is central to expanding children's appreciation of the visual.


    Purpose built workshops allow children to work on a range of projects. Wood, metal and plastics are used to develop construction and design skills.

    Food Technology

    Using the specially designed food centre children get the chance to lean the essentials of food preparation and master skills involved in putting together and creating 3 course meals.

    Trips and Visits

    It is an important part of any child's learning to get and see things. At Eagle House there are trips for all ages to galleries, museums, theatres, castles, wildlife parks and often to Wellington College to make use of their excellent facilities and expertise.

    Golden Eagle


    A valuable part of our Golden Eagle Programme is to encourage boys and girls to develop leadership skills. This can be achieved through a large number of activities an experiences. The summer off-site weeks further develop these skills. Leadership days are held for older children.


    Pushing children out of their comfort zones is a feature of the GE programme. Activities that are physical or initiative based encourage individuals to push themselves.

    Outdoor Learning

    Our enviable grounds create the ideal base for outdoor learning. An outdoor learning centre next to our Tudor House as well as woodland and open spaces encourage appreciation of nature and skills such as camping, orienteering and exploration.

    In the Pre-Prep there has been Forest School training and an Eco School awareness has been created through nature trails, recycling and energy conservation.

    Activity Programme

    Our Golden Eagle lunchtime activity programme offers a wide range of enrichment for Eagle House children. Whether it be golf, squash, judo, tennis, basketball, physical theatre, trampolining, dance, art, design or others we are committed to offering a broad range of experiences.


    The GE programme is designed to build confidence and introduce children to new experiences. As they try new things confidence and independence follow.

    Life Skills

    Part of the GE programme is to help children become responsible young people. The skills that are learnt will be part of their lives long after school has finished.

    Eagle Awards

    Each child from Years 3 to 8 are part of the Eagle Awards scheme. This encourages them to keep a record of all they do in school and to celebrate all their achievements, both big and small.

    LFL +


    This is a vital skill in all areas of Eagle House but it is within the LFL + programme that boys and girls are designed to talk, listen and learn from others and their experiences. Sensitive topics that require empathy are best dealt with in open and friendly environments.


    The Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education is delivered as part of our LFL + curriculum. Delivered by Year Heads and Tutors the programme ensures a good understanding of this most essential learning areas.


    Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning are widely used to help deliver the LFL + Programme. The scheme, relevant to different age groups, is an important tool in delivering important topics.


    Our Sex and Relationships Education programme is taught in the Prep School with content suitable for varying age groups. This is an important strand to the children's LFL + programme.


    One of the core components of our LFL + Programme is learning respect and tolerance for all. Equality and understanding of people help make Eagle House children aware that they have are part of a global community and as such have responsibilities to ensure fairness and appreciate diversity.

    Current Affairs

    Knowing the world around us with its complexities of politics, cultures, conflicts is important and children are encouraged to explore issues through discussion and research.

    Personal Development

    All of us grow and learn and as we do there are many learning opportunities along the way. It is part of our Learning for Life ethos that encourages us to become the best we can be.

    Well Being

    At the heart of Eagle House is a desire to help every child be happy and content. Life can be bumpy but learning to put things into context and be happy is most important.

    Moral & Spiritual

    Rewards & Sanctions

    There are several ways to be rewarded at Eagle House. You can begiven a Star for work or conduct. If work or conduct is deemed exceptional then a Commendation may be given. Those in Years 7 & 8 can also receive Community Service points for good deeds. There are Stripes for basic misdemeanours both for work or conduct. Anything more serious earns a pupil a Minus.


    It is very important children realise privilege should involve helping others. Through various events, non-uniform days and Make A Difference weeks Eagle House pupils have raised several thousand pounds over the last few years.

    Understanding & Respect

    Central to a child's education at Eagle House is learning to get on with each other and understand that being different is what makes the world a great place. We strive to make children aware of this in all that they do.


    Each day there are assemblies. Whole school gatherings, year group and tutor group meetings all play an important part in the life of Eagle House. Thoughts and experiences are shared and by adults and children. They are occasions for celebration as well as thoughtful contemplation.


    Several adults have been looking at how 'Coaching' can help people deal with the day to day. 'Coaching is about performing at your best through the individual and private assistance of someone who will challenge, stimulate and guide you to keep growing.' This is still in its early days at Eagle House but we have already seen the benefit of this approach.


    As a Christian school children attend a chapel service every week and certain evensongs and services throughout the year. Here we spend time listening, singing and quietly reflecting away from the bustle of daily life. All faiths are welcome at Eagle House and all children get the chance to learn about religion and cultures in and out of class.

    Make A Difference

    Once a term there is a Make A Difference week. This allows the whole school to focus on a theme that broadens knowledge and creates empathy. Disability, healthy living, the environment, poverty, loving to read are just some of the themes we have recently focused upon. Themed lessons, assemblies, workshops and charity events are part of these outstanding weeks.

    Code of Conduct

    At Eagle House we have a simple code of conduct that all pupils follow.


    Team Work

    Our varied sport programme encourages team work and we actively encourage as many boys and girls as possible to represent the School in whatever capacity and at all levels and not simply promote the most able.

    Games & PE

    Children are involved in Physical Education and Games five days a week with our main fixtures taking place on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons. Sport plays an extremely important role in the life of every Eagle House pupil. We believe that providing quality and varied sporting opportunities is an essential part of school life, both for health and fitness reasons as well as the sense of achievement and value that active participation and successful competition can bring.

    Health & Fitness

    As part of our sporting programme children learn about healthy living and the importance of exercise. This is also delivered in our LFL + curriculum.


    It is important that children experience competition and a sporting platform encourages them to work as a team. Fixtures in all the major sports take place every week at all levels. Win or lose it is important that Eagle House children do their best.

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