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The reason children love to play sport is so that they can have fun and be part of a team!


“Sport for All” at Eagle House

Our sporting vision is child centred. We want all our children, regardless of their abilities to enjoy their games sessions, experience the benefits of match days and controlled competition, develop their knowledge and skills and leave us with a love and passion for a variety of sports. To facilitate this athlete centred approach, we have developed a 3-part coaching ethos – Learn, Develop and Perform.

Learn – skills, etiquette, game understanding. (Years 3&4)

Develop – tactical knowledge, teamwork, personal responsibility. (Years 5&6)

Perform – apply all knowledge and develop leadership skills. (Years 7&8)


How does this translate in to our games sessions?

Our Games sessions are all about the children playing the game and having fun. Whether it’s an engaging all-inclusive warm up, a small sided skill game or a controlled match play situation, it’s all about getting the children playing and understanding the advantages and the value of play. We have moved away from the more traditional style coaching which involved lining up, taking your turn, back to back drill based activities and command style coaching. Sports Education and Coaching has evolved and at Eagle House we are implementing and putting into practice a coaching and learning style which revolves around discovery, exploration and success for all involved, therefore creating a better experience for our coaches and children within our sporting environment.

How does this translate in to our matches?

In Years 3 & 4 we will use our matches as the ultimate coaching opportunity. Children will play in matches but they will also be coached throughout by the coach or referee. Our success criteria is measured by reflection on the athletes behaviours and their opportunity for success. Adopting a coaching and athlete approach which is less motivated by the score and focused more on active, happy players who can apply what they have learnt into a game situation.

In Years 5 – 8 in addition to the previously learned values and understanding, our focus moves more towards the organised sporting environment and a competitive experience. Enjoyment still overrides the motivation to win but the added challenges of the match day experience does become a performance indicator of how effectively players have applied their learning from practice and used it to overcome the challenges during match play. As a School, we are genuinely more focused on the opportunities for learning and enjoyment as an outcome and not the final score. We believe this is the best way to develop the children’s' sporting experience and to prepare them for their next step at their senior school.

“This forward-thinking appreciation of long term athlete growth blends well with our athlete centred approach and development driven coaching philosophy at Wellington College. It would allow a seamless transition to the next level and enable pupils to progress without the total focus on and pressures of winning.”    Steve Shortland, Director of Sport, Wellington College

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