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The summer of 2013 saw the completion our Outdoor Learning Centre, this has been updated in Spring 2017. The area has been specifically designed to facilitate group challenges that foster and promote the importance of teamwork, leadership, communication and service skills, all of which play an integral part within our Golden Eagle Programme.

Situated next to our very own Tudor House, the main structure is a giant canopy suspended from the trees, which acts as an outdoor classroom that seats up to 40 children. Surrounding this central hub is a series of games and challenges that have been designed to both use and blend in with the natural environment. Activities include blind trails, spiders webs, balance beams, a swamp and up and over tasks, to name but a few. The nature of each task varies however they all draw on a common theme which is developing the imperative and transferable skills of Teamwork, Leadership, Communication and Service.

Our Outdoor Learning and Golden Eagle Programme are underpinned by the key principles of:


  • Children grow, learn and thrive when connected with the natural world.
  • Nurturing children’s innate desire to learn through adventure.
  • Actively encourage curiosity, creativity and imagination.
  • Endeavour to promote and create a “growth mindset” in our pupils that embraces failure, setback and adversity, as an important step on the pathway to truly powerful and meaningful learning.
  • Champion the importance of community, trust and support.
  • Create an environment in which children learn to tolerate, listen and contribute.


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