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There are two guiding principles in the Art Room at Eagle House - 'Let's have something to say' and 'let's enjoy the whole process of making our statements'.

Our students are presented with a series of exciting challenges and they are encouraged to respond in a way that reflects their own experiences and preferences. They work using a wide spectrum of media, learning traditional techniques and discovering their own original ways to express their ideas. The programme has a particular emphasis on Drawing, Painting, Printing and Ceramic Modelling. Photo editing, stop animation, graffiti are also popular topics in the Art Studio.

Alongside discovering their own voices, the children are informed and made aware of other great voices. Practising artists visit and hold workshops with the children. Art History, alongside Gallery and Sculpture Park visits, provides a vital stimulus enabling our pupils to really enjoy their involvement in the wider world of the visual arts. 

The childrens' work is displayed throughout the school, providing a lively, ever-changing working environment. Project and year group exhibitions are held regularly in The Mezzanine gallery in The Golden eagle Centre and in The V&A Rooms at Wellington College. An All School Exhibition, 'The Big Picture' featuring framed work by every child in the school, is held annually and selected works are entered to represent Eagle House on The Saatchi Online Gallery. 

The new Art Studio was opened in September 2013 providing an exciting, light filled working space for our students. The iconic school building, the beautiful grounds and woodland are all used extensively in the Art programme. 
Over the last ten years our students have won scholarships in Art to schools including: Wellington College, Bradfield, Bearwood and Radley. 

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