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Born to Board at Eagle House

Boarding at Eagle House is fun and we try to make all our boarders feel like they are home from home.  We are in partnership with mums and dads and boarders are in close contact with their parents every day via phone, text or email. Boarding is a special community where adults and children can share in the very best that Eagle House has to offer.

This a video the boarders made for the Mannequin Challenge

What makes our Boarding stand out is all the things we do to make life so special for all our kids. Have a look at the Boarding Blog and follow us on Twitter and you'll see that we play and work hard. Don't forget to check out our Facebook page as well!

Our house sparkles with laughter and as our children grow up they learn to appreciate each other and how kindness, responsibility and sharing all help to make an Eagle House child the best they can possibly be.

Our facilities are first class and activities make use of all the school has to offer - swimming pool, sports hall, food tech centre, drama studio, the wonderful Old Library where we share special evenings such as carols around the fire at Christmas, Valentine's Evening and movie nights and many more.

What do we mean by fun? 

Beautiful grounds and lots of space make for some amazing evening activities.


Weekend trips to wonderful places


Amazing evenings where the whole Boarding House gets together and parties! 


Special functions for the older boarders


Being together


That's why we're Born to Board! 

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